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When it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure you work with the best.

Under the Berkshire Hathaway name, the Find Berkshire Properties Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbrook Realty provides the best level of real estate service. We are proud of our top ranking in sales in the Berkshire County marketplace and our ability to provide clients with all the tools and support they need to make informed decisions.

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As part of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, one of the most respected companies in the world, the Find Berkshire Properties Team at Barnbrook Realty not only has the best resources for local market data, but also have access to highly sophisticated regional, national, and international trend reports that no other brokerage offers. With a proven track record assisting home sellers make informed decisions, we can provide you with historic market information and predict what trends you are most likely to witness in your neighborhood.


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It is important to note that publicly available data is often out of date and can be misleading. We have unique access to a variety of proprietary sources that depict accurate data, which will be crucial in creating a successful strategy to sell your home.

More sales. More results.

Power. Presence. Prestige. Insight. Integrity. Innovation. Trust. Stability. Longevity.

"Berkshire Hathaway is built to be forever. In terms of permanence, we can’t be beat.”

Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

market knowledge

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbrook Realty, we know The Berkshires — inside and out. Since 1975, we’ve been experts in Berkshire County real estate providing buyers and sellers with integrity and transparency. Our honest approach and thoughtful process allows our customers to know their making the right move. And it’s because of this that local and national media reach out to our leadership team for commentary and reflection of the local market.

Make a better move with our time tested market insights.


We understand how important it is to have a comprehensive and well developed marketing campaign. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbrook Realty we know how important digital advertising is to the selling of your home. The majority of our content is consumed and engaged with online so we believe in creating larger digital marketing campaigns to help sell your home. Our digital strategy is well balanced and powerful. With our advanced analytic tools, we know where potential buyers are spending their time and just how to reach them.

Our proven strategies help find more buyers.

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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices advertises commercials on popular streaming services which helps to enhance and display the strength and reach of the global brand. These popular campaigns drive buyers to our global website which increases the chance of connecting with the right buyer and just the right time. 

Our global streaming campaign reaches millions of viewers.


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices utilizes an elite network of powerful relationships, along with modern and effective tools to bring together buyers and sellers of distinctive properties from all over the world. Our experienced, service-oriented network professionals combine local expertise with vast global connections, the most advanced technology available and unparalleled marketing resources to deliver their clients best in-class results.

Note: Due to changes in partnerships, this list is subject to change without notice.

…and hundreds more.

social media

With over 54,000+ Facebook Followers, and counting, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbook Realty is the most dominant force in Berkshire County’s social media scene. In fact, we have more Facebook followers than all the major Berkshire County agencies put together, Our global network and affiliation with top social media influencers reaches millions of social media users on a regular basis.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

When you hire us to sell your Berkshire property, we carefully and thoroughly evaluate your home, understand your needs and employ a multitude of proven marketing and sales techniques to get your home the best price possible. The premium services that we provide are the best in the Berkshires which includes:

Our proven methods get homes sold faster.

frequently Asked questions

Our team is trained, experienced, and ethical professionals.  We are ready, willing and able to partner with you on:

  • Financial guidance and referrals 
  • Professional, current knowledge of the marketplace
  • Regional and technical requirements and permits
  • Objective, thoughtful information and opinions
  • Unexpected problem solving
  • Negotiation knowledge
  • Strong shoulder to lean on

The Find Berkshire Properties Team Realtors are educated about the marketplace, about bank requirements for a buyer’s mortgage.  We can help you put a realistic, attractive price on your home.  

Step 1.  De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.  Did we say de-clutter?  A clean, spare home allows buyers to see themselves, rather than you, in the rooms;

Step 2.  Update maintenance.  Think about furnace, chipped paint, landscape, dripping faucetts, etc.

Step 3.  Clean, repair, update, brighten.  Take photos and take a look.  They help you to objectively spot flaws in the house, over-crowded rooms, tables and shelves, too many curtains.  Pet odors are a no-no.

Repairs or replacements that the homebuyer requires to be completed before closing on the sale of your home can blindside you if you’re not prepared. While any unforeseen expenses are an unwelcome surprise, you’ll still have to fix the problems or risk letting your buyer out of the contract and having to disclose the problems to future homebuyers.

Homebuyers have the right to have the home they’re buying professionally inspected. The purpose of the inspection is to inform the buyer as to the condition, age and likely lifespan of major systems and appliances in the home. As a contingency in the contract, the buyer has the choice to proceed with the contract or ask the seller for repairs or replacements. This is fair because many issues with a home can’t be seen with the naked eye. An inspection gives a rough idea of future expenditures; if there are more problems than the buyer is willing to allow, the transaction will be in jeopardy. The buyer can’t help but wonder what other problems may come to light about the home. Your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional knows that the less the buyer finds wrong, the smoother the transaction will be. Before you put your home on the market, hire a licensed home inspector to alert you to unknown problems and repair or replace them so the buyer has no misgivings. You’ll also be able to ask a higher price for your home when it’s in pristine condition. 

Remember, your home is unique, you love it, and now we need to find the one buyer who’s equally charmed.   A buyer who overlooks the noisy road; who sees how beautiful the kitchen will be for their family if they knock down one wall; who sees this as an ‘almost perfect’ home, and accepts the compromise. 

A unique, almost unbreachable law of real estate?  The first offer, if remotely reasonable, is always the best offer.  You may be disappointed.  But let your head, not your heart, rule.  Work with your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbrook Realty partner – do everything possible to come to a middle ground with the buyer.  Once you’ve agreed on a price and await the results of a home inspection, it’s natural to experience extreme tension.  You may experience ‘seller’s remorse’ but it will pass.  This is when your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbrook Realty partner’s steady, experienced shoulder will be there to lean on.  He/she has been through this many, many times before and will be comforting, reassuring, and will help to update you on progress and likely outcome.

Yes! Staging makes your home much more attractive to potential buyers by creating a tangible vision of the homes potential. Staging in turn helps it sell faster and usually for more money on average. According to some figures, 95% of homes that are properly staged sell in 12 days or less – which is 85-88% faster than a home that is is not staged.

Closing costs are fees paid to third parties to finalize a home purchase, explains, by both the buyer and the seller. Costs can vary widely depending on state requirements, the type of loan the buyer has, the fees that the lender charges, local customs and any arrangement negotiated between the buyer and seller. Buyers typically pay the closing costs related to their mortgages such as loan origination fees, discount points, mortgage insurance and more. Buyers are also responsible for some third-party fees such as attorneys’ fees, appraisal fees, escrow fees and title search fees, prorated shares of property taxes and hazard insurance, and more. Buyers may be required by the lender to escrow monthly payments in advance for one to three months and property taxes and insurance for up to a year in advance.

Three days before closing, the lender provides a closing disclosure that outlines all fees and the “cash to close” required of the buyer at closing – typically as much as 3% to 6% of the home purchase price. Buyers have the option of paying cash, rolling closing costs into their mortgage, paying a higher interest rate of lender-paid fees and asking the seller to pay them in exchange for a higher purchase price.

Home sellers are usually responsible for the buyer’s title insurance and both the buyer’s and seller’s real estate commissions and/or fees. Seller’s fees can range between 6% to 8% of the home’s sale price and are taken out of the transaction proceeds. 

It’s a common scenario in a hot market – the buyer has their next home within their grasp, but then the seller backs out of the contract. How can this happen and what can buyers do about it?

Home sellers back out of signed contracts because of a higher offer, higher appraisal than the buyer’s offer or a financial or emotional problem, such as job loss or the death of a family member, according to Some sellers simply have mixed feelings about moving or resent the buyer’s demands.  

If a seller wants to back out, there are three ways to do so without expensive consequences.

1.     If the buyer fails to perform, such as not being able to obtain financing, failing to provide a deposit, or missing the closing date. However, the seller should have a provision in the contract regarding notice to the buyer to perform and then comply with those provisions to get away without penalties.

2.     If a written contingency hasn’t been met by the buyer or if the seller included a contingency on being able to buy another home, but they’re unable, they can walk away from the purchase contract.

3.     Last but not least, the contract should include an attorney review clause. They may find something in the contract that allows the seller to bail out.

Otherwise, the seller may be ordered by a court to pay the buyer a large amount of money or make the seller follow through with the sale. 

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a world renown network of real estate brokerages. Entrusted with the Berkshire Hathaway name, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Barnbrook Realty and the Find Berkshire Properties Team holds itself to the highest level of trust, integrity, stability and longevity. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is among the few organizations entrusted to use the Berkshire Hathaway name – a name representing strength, integrity, stability and longevity. The Find Berkshire Properties Team is proud to be ambassadors for such a strong, trusted brand and it’s a brand you’ll want empowering you, too, as we begin the process of selling your property. The Find Berkshire Properties Team utilizes an elite network of powerful relationships, along with modern and effective tools to bring together buyers and sellers of distinctive properties from all over the world. Our experienced, service-oriented network professionals combine local expertise with vast global connections, the most advanced technology available and unparalleled marketing resources to deliver our clients best in-class results.​ ​

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